Directors of the Trust.
1. Bishop. R. Kamalanathan
2. Landon. R. Estep, Attorney at Law. U.S.A
3. Dr. Melchizedek
4. Mrs. Helen Rebecca
5. Ms. Elim Racheal Keziah
6. Ms. Chalcedony
7. Mr. Max Mayr, Mechanical Engineer, Germany

The activities of the Mission are as follows

  1. Orphanage for blind, deaf & dumb, crippled, disabled, destitute & orphan children.
  2. Gypsy school.
  3. Tamil medium government aided middle school.
  4. English medium self financed Matric Higher Secondary school.
  5. Eye medical camps and General medical camp.
  6. Nutrition programme for children and aged.
  7. Tailoring and computer institutes.
  8. Bible school and college for both Men and women, B.Th., B.D. Courses
  9. Main and Branch churches all over India.
  10. Vocational Bible school for children.
  11. Printing tracts and other christian literatures.
  12. Magazine.
  13. Leprosy work and gypsy work all over India.
  14. Free distribution of micro-cellular chappals and carts.
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